TM Router


TM Router allows a call center or small carrier to easily and intelligently handle multiple inbound and outbound SIP carrier connections. Based on award winning OpenSIPs technology, TM Router has tremendous capacity right out of the box. TM Router is a carrier grade Session Border Controller, but built with an easy to manage interface. Develop your own LCR based on price or Quality of Service (QoS), and reduce your telecom costs significantly.

What It Does:

TM Router serves as a reliable connection between your internal network and your external carrier connections. It becomes the central hub of your communications, efficiently routing calls from any SIP device internally, and securely connecting to the PSTN via any number of external carrier vendor networks. Use TM Router to directly connect to your internal SIP network, or combine TM Router with TM Gateway to interface with your legacy TDM devices.


TM Router uses proven open source architecture and is very scalable and affordable for call centers and carriers. Up to 5000 simultaneous calls (> OC3) can easily be processed at up to 1500 calls per second. Additional call processing capacity available depending on configuration.


  • 1u rack mount server – 1/2 depth
  • 120 VAC .9 Amp 108 watts
  • SIP WAN Interface: RJ 45 Ethernet
  • SIP LAN Interface: RJ 45 Ethernet
  • Http/Https Open Session Manager Dashboard
  • Codecs: G.711ulaw and others via media relay
  • Hardware: Dell and Virtualized Servers
  • OS: Linux Centos 6.x Proprietary Kernel


Supports TLS, SRTP, HTTPS, and SSL.