TM Gateway


TM Gateway was built from the demand of our call center clients who had legacy TDM equipment and infrastructure. They wanted to have the ability to use SIP and other next generation technologies without pulling out all their existing infrastructure and purchasing all new software/hardware. This product will allow call centers to send and receive calls using VoIP/SIP and still be able to have a TDM (T1 based) infrastructure.

What It Does:

TM Gateway simply converts VoIP to TDM and TDM to VoIP. The standard installation is a 1u server which will convert up to 16 t1’s to SIP using G.711 or G.729, and can be stacked in parallel (DS3 version also available). TM Gateway was built to handle very high call volume inherent to call center applications, and can support inbound or outbound traffic, or a mixed environment.

Sample Deployment Scenarios:

Download PDF File here – TM Gateway – Deployment Scenarios


TM Gateway uses proven open source architecture, and is very scalable and affordable for call centers. The key differentiation between TM Gateway and other media gateways is the ability to handle a very high amount of calls per second. Companies that perform a large number of calls inbound or outbound can greatly benefit from TM Gateway.


  • 1u rack mount server – 1/2 depth
  • 120 VAC .9 Amp 108 watts
  • SIP Interface: RJ 45 Ethernet
  • TDM Interface: CAS or PRI T1’s. 1, 2 , 4, 8 or 16 T1 spans using RJ-48c
  • Channels: up to 384 CAS, up to 368 channels ISDN-PRI
  • ISDN PRI Protocols – NI1, NI2, DMS, 5ess, 4ess, NFAS/No NFAS
  • Codecs: G.711ulaw, T.38 Fax


Supports TLS, SRTP, HTTPS, and SSL.